A sad Father’s Day

My boyfriend’s father passed away yesterday. YESTERDAY. The day before, he accidentally pocket-dialed us, and we called him back. He was funny as he insisted that he hadn’t called us. Almost 80 and very old school, the man couldn’t understand how that could have happened. I think it was the universe giving my boyfriend one more chance to talk to his father. Call it God, fate, or what have you, one more “I love you” is always treasured.

So don’t hesitate. Say the words. Make the call. Forgive the slights. Build the bridge. Offer the apology first. Sometimes it will be the last time, and you might never know.


One thought on “A sad Father’s Day”

  1. Sorry for your loss. But very good advice to all of us. My father is now 87. Truthfully I have seen a steady decline in the past few years. I go to sleep realizing that at any time I could get the “call”. Though he could live another ten or more years too. We need to treasure what we have!

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