On being a mom and a daughter

This is my first Mother’s Day with all adult children. It’s sort of strange having an empty nest with this sort of holiday. On one hand, I am happy that my kids have grown into adults and are finding their way. On the other, I long for the simpler times when a trip to the park was an adventure, and a scoop of ice cream was a terrific treat.

When I was a child, my family spent a lot of time at the beach, and on the way home, we always hit the Dairy Queen. A super special treat was when we got a cone dipped in chocolate for the extra dime! When I raised my own kids, I wanted them to feel that extra-special time as well. We were a busy family, with lots of fun activities, sports, dinners. And every once in a while, we went to DQ and got dipped cones, just like in my childhood.

When I talk to my mom and tell her my best memories from my childhood, she is usually surprised. She never knew those things that made the greatest impressions on me. And my daughter surprised me the same way this week. She has declared this Christmas to be one where we will go back to our old traditions. She said she missed our big family holiday dinners, and has told all the other kids that they WILL be there for Christmas day dinner, no exceptions.

I laugh a little. We had so many family dinners through the years, but this was the important one to her, I suppose. I know that I have missed the big holiday dinners since I divorced 5 years ago. Our family traditions have been lost since the family was spread out and many didn’t make it home for the holidays. I mourned the loss of our traditions as I attempt to accept my boyfriend’s family traditions in their place. But to hear how these things are important to my own kids, well, my heart sings a little.

Call your mom. She misses you.


One thought on “On being a mom and a daughter”

  1. I remember many times and events that I did with my mother. We weren’t very wealthy though we had everything we needed. My mom passed away on Remembrance Day in 2002. One of my fondest memories was the time in 1965 where she took me to see the new movie “The Sound of Music”. We almost never went to movies so this was a big event. And the movie was very powerful for a young lad not used to the really big screen or even colour TV. I miss her–I wish she had had the chance to meet my Queen, but sadly that wasn’t possible. To all the mothers out there, have a wonderful day with your families! You are making memories and that is perhaps the greatest gift!

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